Activate Card is the official website for wisely cards, where cardholders visit to activate their new card online. With your wisely card you can shop online, pay bills, and purchase goods or services anywhere Debit Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Activate Card

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Cardholders can access their money at all times with online banking from the comfort of their home, work, or anywhere with Internet access. Activate

You recently receive a new Wisely Pay Card, but don’t know how to activate it? If yes, don’t worry you will get the help you need in this write-up. When you receive your new card the first step is to activate it, this will enable you to utilize it.

The best option to activate your new card is online via After activating your new card, you can do the following

  • Use your card to load & get your cards
  • Pay your bills
  • Shop at the store or online.

Activate Your Wisely Credit Card Online

The activation procedure is very, simple, here are the steps;

  • Navigate to their website at in your web browser
  • Then fill in your card number and CVV number (The CVV number is the 3-digit number shown on the right of your signature).
  • Tap on the “Submit” button to continue
  • You will need to provide your personal information to fill out the registration form.

These are procedures to activate your card online.

How to Activate My Wisely Card Over Phone

To activate your card by phone, just call their customer support phone number. Before placing a call to the customer care executive, you need to have your card details handy. You will be requested to fill in the details during the activation process.

For further questions, visit

What Happens After Activating My wisely Card?

You will not be charged anything until you choose to start using your card. So, the moment you activate your card, your monthly service fee will begin.

After activating and registering your new card you can now log in to manage your account.

  • Pay your bills
  • Shop at store or online
  • Check your balance and view transactions history

To perform any of the above actions you will need to log in.

MyWisely Card Login

You can log in to your account by web or Via the MyWisely app. To login by web, do this;

  • Go to MyWisely card official page at
  • Click on the Login widget
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Hit the Login button

These are the steps to log in to your account.

MyWisely App Login Steps

To log in using the app, go to the app store to download the app. After getting the app, hit the launch button to access the app. Locate the Login field and Fill in your username and password. You can now pay your bills, shop online & in-store, check your account balance, and many more

About Wisely Pay Card

Wisely Pay Card is an independent pay solutions card offered by ADP. With this card, you can run full payroll, pay by check, and ACH direct deposit in one place.

Benefits of Wisely Pay Card

  • There are no monthly service or overdraft fees, minimum balances, or direct deposit charges.
  • Pay your payroll, tax refund or benefits check to your prepaid account for free with direct deposit.
  • Use your Wisely prepaid card to purchase online, pay bills, and purchase goods or services anywhere Debit Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
  • Access to your money at all times with online banking from the comfort of your home, work, or anywhere with Internet access.
  • Earn cash bonuses, referral bonuses, and rewards on all your purchase.

These are the benefits of the Wisely card.

Activate Wisely Customer Service

The customer service Agent’s phone number is available on their official website. Or you can check the back of your card for the phone number. Whenever you have an issue regarding the card, you can dial the number straight up. Alternatively, you can visit and click on the support button from the menu options.

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