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The Ched Scholarship program is a program for upcoming or current college students. It assists students who are enrolled in authorized public or private Higher Institutions(HEIs). You can read the next section to know more about this scholarship program.

Ched Scholarship

Ched Scholarship Program

The Ched Scholarship Program is one of the scholarships that CHED offers. It is a Student Financial Assistant Program ( StuFAP). It is open to all students, including a special group of persons (i.e. disabled persons).

Also, it offers financial assistance to first-year college students with good grades from the previous school year. All applicants are eligible for the Full Merit and Half Merit grants. You can learn more about eligibility requirements in the next section.

Ched Scholarships Requirements

To apply for the Ched Scholarships Program, there are certain criteria you must meet. The Ched Scholarship Eligibility Requirements are listed below:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen.
  • You must be a high school student or graduate with good grades.
  • You must not be more than 30 years of age at the time of the application.
  • You must not be a beneficiary of any government scholarship at the time of the application.
  • You must not be a degree holder.
  • Your General Weighted Average must be at least 96%.
  • Your family’s gross income must not exceed four hundred thousand Pesos. Note that should your family’s income exceed PhP40,000, you must present the medical report of a sick family member.

You must meet all the above-mentioned requirements to qualify for the scholarship. As you read more you will learn about the application process.

Ched Scholarship Online Application

It is easy to process your Ched Scholarship Application online. To process your Ched Scholarship Application successfully, there are certain documents you will be asked to provide. Among them are your High School report card, your birth certificate, and proof of income.

However, the Ched Scholarship Application for 2022-2023 has been temporarily suspended due to budget inadequacy. Learn more at ched.gov.ph/stufaps. However, if you want to apply next year, read the next section to learn how to apply.

How to Apply for the Ched Scholarship

You can apply for the Ched Scholarship online with the following few steps:

  • Visit the official scholarship website at chedscholarships.com
  • Locate the heading “ How to Apply for CHED StuFAPs”
  • Locate your region and click on the link attached to it.

Read through the instructions on the page and fill out important details to complete your registration. Learn more about this program in the next section.

CHED Priority Courses

CHED Priority Courses are those courses that are offered under the CHED Scholarship. Scholarship grantees are directed to enroll in these courses. Some categories of these courses are listed below:

  • Engineering and technology.
  • Information Technology Education.
  • Science and Mathematics.
  • Architecture and Related Programs.
  • Business and Management.
  • Maritime Education.

To find more categories and the courses under them, visit the URL governmentph.com/ched-priority-courses. You can learn about CHED scholars in the next section.

Who is a CHED Scholar

A CHED Scholar is a student who gets a CHED Scholarship and financial assistance from CHED. A CHED Scholar is a person, whether disabled or not, that is deemed fit to be a CHED Scholarship grantee. Want to know what CHED Scholars enjoy? Read on!

Benefits of a CHED Scholar

As a CHED Scholar, there are certain benefits you get to enjoy. CHED covers your tuition and other fees, including stipends, every semester of a given academic year. However, there are roles you have to play as a CHED Scholar. Learn about these roles under the next sub-heading.

Responsibilities of a CHED Scholar

There are certain responsibilities you must perform as a CHED Scholar. Failure to do so may lead to the termination of your scholarship grant. These responsibilities are listed below:

  • You must enroll in a recognized private or public university in the Philippines.
  • You must be a full-time student.
  • Lastly, you must maintain a GWA of at least 85%(for full merit grantees) and 80%(for half merit grantees)

Note that failure to maintain the required GWA will lead to the termination of the scholarship. You can however request reconsideration, within 15 days of the GWA notice. If you want to transfer to another school or course, seek approval from the concerned Regional Office before doing so.

CHED Scholarship Application Deadline

The CHED Scholarship Application starts now and ends on the 15th of August, 2022. If you miss the application deadline this year, you can wait till next year and apply [or better still, check out other scholarships].

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the CHED Scholarship:

Who is Eligible for the CHED Scholarship?

To qualify for the scholarship, you must be a Filipino citizen and must enroll in any of the courses under a CHED member college.

How Much is CHED Scholar’s Monthly Allowance?

The monthly allowance for full scholars is Php 35,000 each semester. However, if you are a half scholar, you’ll get Php 17,000 each semester.

How Many Courses Can I Take Up?

If you are applying for the scholarship, you can take up a maximum of two courses from different fields of study.

Does CHED Scholarship have an Exam?

You don’t need to write any entrance exam to apply for the CHED Scholarship. You just have to submit all the required documents and follow all instructions.

Is CHED Scholarship Open for all Courses?

Ched Scholarship is only for fresher college students in any of the courses under CHED member colleges.

How Many Scholarships are Available for a Given Academic Year?

Every year, about 800,000 slots are available for FYSEP and around 100,000 slots for StuFAP. These slots are distributed throughout the country.

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