www.wellsfargo.com is the official web page for Wells Fargo Company. On this site, you will find all the information you need about the company. Do you want to create an account with the company? Do you want to apply for a loan or a credit card? The best place to visit is their official, for you will get all the necessary info required.


However, a lot of people have been wondering if Wells Fargo is a bank or not. If you’re one of them, you will find the answer you need in this write-up.


Wells Fargo is an American multinational financial services company, whose corporate headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. The company serves customers across four banking segments, such as;

  • Consumer banking and lending
  • Commercial banking
  • Wealth and investment management.
  • Corporate and investment banking

The above are services the company offers. However the question now is, is well Fargo a bank? Find out in the next section.

Is Wells Fargo a Bank?

The answer to the above question is Yes! Wel Fargo is a bank, which is a subsidiary of the company. The wf bank is ranked as the fourth-largest bank in the US. However, the bank offers a lot of financial services and products to its customers. Below are some of the services and products the bank offers.

  • Personal and Commercial Banking (Checking and savings accounts).
  • Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Credit and Debit cards.
  • Home and personal loans.
  • Auto loans.
  • Investment and wealth management services.

So, the above are products and Services the wf bank offers to consumers.

Wells Fargo Sign Up

Wells Fargo online banking enables customers to access the bank’s online services. And to simply access their services, you will need to create an online banking account.

That is to say, with online banking you can conveniently open an account, pay your bills, check your balance, track your transactions, and many more. So to Sign up for this account, the steps in the section below are what you take.

How to Sign Up for an Account on www.welllsfargo.com

Follow the guide below to create an account on the website:

  • Visit wellsfargo.com to visit the official web page.
  • Click on the “Sign On” tab.
  • From the menu tab, select “Enroll”.
  • Enter your “Social Security Number” and “Date of Birth”.
  • Next, select the “Continue” tab.

Then follow the on-screen instructions to successfully create an account on the website.

Wells Fargo Login

The wf login platform enables every online account holder to access their various account. All you need is to have an internet connection and provide your username and password, to successfully sign in to your account. However, you can sign in to your account, anytime any day.

How to Login to wellsfargo.com

To log in, kindly follow the steps below;

  • To access wf official website, click on this link https://www.wellsfargo.com/
  • Navigate to the “Sign On” box at the top and click on it.
  • Fill in your “Username” and “Password”.
  • Tap on the “Sign On” button.

These are steps to access your online banking account. However, should Incase you forget your login credentials, you would be able to access your account, click on “Forgot username or password?” below the page to recover it.

Wells Fargo Credit Card

Wfc is one of the services the bank offers. When it comes to credit cards, the bank has numerous credit cards. The reason for the card is to enable shoppers or its customers to shop conveniently. Here are some of the cards the bank offers;

  • Wells Fargo Reflect Card.
  • Bilt World Elite Mastercard.
  • Wells Fargo Active Cash Card.
  • Hotels.com Rewards Visa Credit Card.

These are the CC offered by wf bank. To learn more about their cards visit wellfargo credit card page at https://creditcards.wellsfargo.com/?sub_channel=SEO&vendor_code=G

Wells Fargo Credit Card Application

After analyzing the various credit card the bank offers, if you’re interested in any of the cards. You will need to pass the eligibility test. How do I mean? You will need to have good or fair credit to qualify for the card.

How to Apply for a Wells Fargo Credit Card Online

To start the journey of wellsfargo credit card application, the following steps are steps to take;

  • Proceed to the Wells Fargo credit card page at https://creditcards.wellsfargo.com/?sub_channel=SEO&vendor_code=G
  • Scroll through the card options on the page, to find the card you want.
  • Once you locate the card tap “Apply Now”.
  • Click the “Continue” widget.
  • Fill in the application form with your “Personal information”, “Contact information”, and “Financial Information”.
  • Choose the Card option (This is optional).
  • Go through the terms and conditions
  • Lastly, click “Submit”.

These are steps to apply for wellsfargo CC online.

How to Make Payments with the Wells Fargo Credit Card

The well Fargo CC is used to make purchases and also to pay for services at the store. So to make your payment after purchasing an item at the store, do the following

  • Swipe your card on the payment scanning device.
  • Key in your “Card Pin” on the keypad.
  • Then, choose Confirm.

These are steps to make payment with wf CC.

Wellsfargo Auto Loan

An auto loan is one of the financial services offered by wf bank. What is the auto loan all about? What are Wells Fargo auto loan rates?

Wel Auto loan helps customers finance and refinance their vehicles. One of the outstanding advantages of this loan is that you can manage your loan, make payments and access your monthly statements online.

However, for more info about the Wellsfargo auto loan rates and the Wells Fargo auto loan application, visit the Wells Fargo auto loan login site at https://www.wellsfargo.com/auto-loans/

Wells Fargo App

Another way of utilizing the banking services is through wf mobile app. With the mobile app, customers can log in to manage their accounts with ease. The mobile app service makes banking very easy and fast. However, the app is very much available for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Download the Wells Fargo App for Apple Users

Below are steps to download the app on your iOS device:

  • Open the app store on the device and search for “Wells Fargo App”.
  • Tap the app
  • Tap on the “GET” button to install it on your device.
  • Follow the prompts to install the app

After downloading the app, you can open it to start managing your mobile banking account or set up an account.

How to Download the Wells Fargo App for Android Users

Progress with the procedure beneath to download the app on your Android phone or tablet:

  • Launch the Google play store on the device
  • Then, search for “Wells Fargo App”.
  • Hit on the “Install” button.
  • It will start to download, and then will install afterward.

These are steps to get the app on your Android phone.

Wells Fargo Customer Service

If you wish to pay bills (Wells Fargo Bill Pay), you can contact the bank via their customer care line. WF bank offers one of the outstanding customer services. If you have any queries or you want to make inquiries, kindly locate the customer service Agent. You can decide to contact the customer service unit of wf bank online or physically.

How to Contact the Wells Fargo Customer Service

To visit the Wells Fargo Customer service page online or to get their official phone number, do this

  • Visit https://www.wellsfargo.com/
  • From the menu tab, tap on the Customer Service button
  • Select the Contact Us button
  • You will find the number on the page.

These are steps to visit the customer service page online.  If you’re not satisfied with the online customer service, you can visit the nearest branch.

Wells Fargo ATM

How do I locate the closest wf bank ATM? Finding out the closest ATM location is very easy with the guidelines provided in this write-up.

However, you can locate the ATM closest to you with the map. All you need is to enter your address in the required field to locate the one closest to you. The last section. Beneath will guide you on that.

Wells Fargo Near Me

If you want to visit any of the wf banks, you can get the list of locations online. With a few clicks on the official website, you can easily locate both the nearest branch and ATM. So, to make the journey more smooth for you the next section will be outlining the procedure how to locate the nearest branch/ATM.

How to Locate Wells Fargo Near Me

Follow these guides to find the nearest WF branch and ATM.

  • Tap on this link- https://www.wellsfargo.com
  • Tap on the “Find a Location” and click on it.
  • Key in your “City”, “State” or “Zipcode”.
  • Click on “Go”

With this, you would be able to find a wf branch or ATM close to you.